More Cinderella, Fight Training and Interning!

May 1, 2012 in News

I had the pleasure of working with some of the members if Interact Theater doing a Panto play of Cinderella at the NoHo Arts District two months ago and we’re back up again on May 15th for a few more shows! I get to play Mina, one of the “ugly stepsisters” and it’s SO much fun. The average grade level of the kids is 3rd grade and they are a blast.

I’m also in weekly fight training since I’m understudying in the show that I’m producing with Jason Moyer for Theatre of NOTE, “Hearts Like Fists” by Adam Szymkowicz! Lots of planning for our super fun Cos Play ball that we’re throwing and trying to raise funds through IndieGoGo. I’ve got quite a goal to meet and every dollar helps, although if you donate $50 you get two tickets to the Cos Play ball! That’s cheaper than the ticket price for the event! Lots of fun stuff on the horizon for that show and it’s a blast!

I started an internship at DDO Artists Agency and am having fun and learning a lot!

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