How much can a woman endure, and still survive?

March 11, 2016 in News

I’m very excited to be understudying in A Gulag Mouse by Arthur M. Jolly at Sacred Fools Theater. This amazing script about 5 women in a Siberian Prison in WWII is a calculated, violent, head trip and it’s an honor to be a part of it. Especially in our new home on Theatre Row AND to be the first show in the newly renovated (former Elephant) blackbox stage.

Since I am in the alternate cast, we only get one show!! April 28th. And this show will sell out very, very quickly. This is no hyperbole, I assure you. So I’m sharing this with you now, over a month in advance of my performance and I would love if you could get one of those seats. All of us understudies will, I’m sure, have a lot of people vying for them that night. Click here to get a ticket.

“In the pressure cooker of a Siberian gulag, five women will learn to work together… or die trying. Grim tragedy and dark humor coexist in this wartime thriller.

April 28th, Sacred Fools Theater

April 28th, Sacred Fools Theater

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