About Me:

Mandi_70_webI am an actor, performance artist, dancer, mask worker, clown and goofball. I’m a performer, not limited to one medium. I like telling stories and doing it in any medium so long as it makes someone question what they thought they understood or laugh or forget the real world for a while. Even if it takes them to a darker world I hope that they come out with a different perspective. I’m always seeking to expand my understanding of people and why we do what we do and I love taking audiences on that journey.

I discovered acting when I was 11 years old and realized that it was the only thing in life I couldn’t live without. It combined my love of reading and stories with my love of communication and puzzles plus a heap of fantasy. I got a BFA in Theatrical Performance at the University of Central Florida which culminated in a nine month internship at the Orlando Shakespeare Festival. I also took Meisner and film acting classes outside of school in Orlando at Arts Sake Film Acting Studio. Here in LA I was lucky to have taken an incredible two year Meisner intensive class. In 2006 I joined Theatre of NOTE.  I was been privileged to appear in many shows there which have gotten “GO!”/”Pick of the Week”/”Critics Pick” nods from LA publications (Food For Fish, Famine Plays, FILM, Skeleton Stories). I also have produced and directed at NOTE. I’m very proud to have also found a home as a member of the Sacred Fools Theater regularly getting to work out my comedy muscles in the fast paced Serial Killers weekly episodic show and their Play in a Day offering: Fast N’ Loose as well as starring in the hit shows The Christmas Present, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Watson and the Dark Art of Harry Houdini. I’ve been on the Logo TV show Eastsiders as well as short films like Purple and Green and Thou Shall Not Suffer. I’ve appeared on film in features like Vampire Clan, Scream of the Bikini, and Probable Robot, on the web in Duck N Cover and Speed Dating with Werner Herzog.

Word on the street:

“…​Moss has an inexorably gritty and humane charm.” ​- Steven Leigh Morris (LA Weekly) on The Christmas Present

“…Debbie, whose stripped-down honesty in Moss’ hands is fabulously nuanced and powerful.”​ – Jennie Webb (Back Stage) on The Christmas Present

“…these girls (Mandi Moss and Cat Davis) are hilarious and poignant…” – Vince Duvall ( on Boneheads in Skeleton Stories

“…Mandi Moss handily plays the comedian in his younger days…” – Steven Leigh Morris (LA Weekly) on my portrayal of Buster Keaton in FILM (voted Pick of the Week plus several LA Weekly Award nominations, also voted Steven Leigh Morris’ “Pick of the Year” on NPR)

“…Moss has some of the play’s very few moments of genuine and poetic emotion.” – Iris Mann (Back Stage West) on me in Local Story

“Mandi Moss: Where par for the course meets WTF on any given day!” – my friend Tom


2007 Best One Act Ensemble – LA Weekly – The Bomba Trilogy: Darkness

2010 “Most Actress” – Thursty Award – Sacred Fools Theater

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