What a busy winter!

February 16, 2011 in News

I haven’t updated in a while. Why? Cuz I’ve been crazy busy!! Let’s catch you up:

  • Took two amazing months of Bonnie Gillespie’s “Self Management For Actor’s” class in December and January.
  • Shot a short film called “Purple & Green” for writer/director Ari Minasian.
  • I have been elected to a two year term serving on Theatre of NOTE’s Artistic Management Committee.
  • I got cast in the new  Somebody’s Basement sketch comedy troupe in association with The Straightjacket Society! Can’t wait to start shooting!
  • Am understudying the role of the Almighty So-and-So: “Man With Blazing Necktie” in Theatre of NOTE’s world premiere production of “Alceste” by B. Walker Sampson, which just got a “GO!” from Deborah Klugman in the LA Weekly!
  • I was featured in this week’s Backstage article by Jessica Gardner on actor types!
  • Am still very regularly appearing at the Sacred Fools Theater in “Serial Killers” at 11pm on Saturday nights and have lately been enjoying a very fun run of “Whaler” by Joe Jordan and directed by Jaime Robledo where I get to play the 19th Century, 12 year old, emo son of a whaler. It is SO much fun and we go into episode 6 this weekend and I’ve got some great stuff in this episode. Want a taste?
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