How much can a woman endure, and still survive?

March 11, 2016 in News

I’m very excited to be understudying in A Gulag Mouse by Arthur M. Jolly at Sacred Fools Theater. This amazing script about 5 women in a Siberian Prison in WWII is a calculated, violent, head trip and it’s an honor to be a part of it. Especially in our new home on Theatre Row AND to be the first show in the newly renovated (former Elephant) blackbox stage.

Since I am in the alternate cast, we only get one show!! April 28th. And this show will sell out very, very quickly. This is no hyperbole, I assure you. So I’m sharing this with you now, over a month in advance of my performance and I would love if you could get one of those seats. All of us understudies will, I’m sure, have a lot of people vying for them that night. Click here to get a ticket.

“In the pressure cooker of a Siberian gulag, five women will learn to work together… or die trying. Grim tragedy and dark humor coexist in this wartime thriller.

April 28th, Sacred Fools Theater

April 28th, Sacred Fools Theater


December 15, 2015 in News

This show I’ve been doing has been clicking along to sold out houses so well that I forgot to update here and for that I am sorry! BUT we did just extend, so check out the very funny world premiere western comedy by the brilliant, Bill Robens: Rio Hondo at Theatre of NOTE! Extended until Jan 10th!


“If you’re in need of a diversion in these terrible, wearisome times — and surely we all are — might I suggest Theatre of Note’s uproarious staging of Bill Robens’ western parody Rio Hondo” “It takes great skill to play goofiness well and with a straight face, and in this wonderfully silly show every cast member steps up to the plate.” – Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

“Bill Robens has provided [a] witty and knowing Rio Hondo, currently in its world premiere at Theatre of NOTE. Director Jaime Robledo brings a stylish panache to the show, which benefits from a comedically inspired ensemble.” – Terry Morgan, Stage Raw

“Rio Hondo, for its part, deconstructs the traditions and tropes of movie westerns with all the rigors of diligent scholarship and none of the pomposity. Author Robens’ tools are fascination and delight, and he has in Robledo the great fortune of a perfectly attuned presenter.” “It’s just a very good and often hilarious show that uses the right people in the right parts.” – Jason Rohrer, Stage and Cinema

“There are endless one-liners and outrageous burlesques of film and television violence crashing nonstop through Robens’s delightfully silly send-up, all brought to life by Robledo’s unique comedic vision and a stellar supporting cast.” – Travis Michael Holder, Arts in LA

Astro Boy EXTENDS!!!

July 15, 2015 in News

The words ‘You’ve never seen anything like this before’ may sound cliché, but trust me, you have never seen anything like Sacred Fools’ West Coast Premiere of Natsu Onoda Power’s Astro Boy And The God Of Comics” – Steven Stanley: Stage Scene LA

I’m SO PROUD and excited to be working on this INSANE show! It’s such a joy and so innovative and original. Taking the audience on a ride every night is a delight. And I’m proud to say that we’ve added six more shows!! Don’t think that you’ve got to be an Astro Boy fan, or a manga fan or even a comic book fan, you will love this show, I promise! We LIVE DRAW!! And there’s all kinds of fun movement work as Travis Michael Holder in Arts in LA said: “it’s great just to be entertained by some world-class clowns and knocked out by refreshingly imaginative and unbounded creativity”

Not only did Bill Raden call me a “standout” in the L.A. Weekly (and gave us a GO!) but so does Travis Michael Holder, “the fuchsia-haired Mandi Moss is a particular standout as the lonely scientist who manufactures Astro Boy in the image of his dead son”

Need more? Well here are some more quotes for ya!

“…a scintillating, invention-packed tour de force of visual wit, breathtaking acrobatic performance and sumptuous, seamlessly integrated, multimedia production design… poignantly whimsical and critically savvy… a kind of high-wire — and highly polished — vaudevillian pastiche. GO!” -Bill Raden, L.A. Weekly

“RECOMMENDED / TOP TEN / PICK OF THE WEEK …spectacular… brilliantly creative… dazzling… delightful.” -Terry Morgan, Stage Raw

“…incredibly inventive… totally unique and truly spectacular… a matchless 70-minute thrill ride…” -Travis Michael Holder, Arts in L.A.

Get tickets here! We’ve got Anime Sunday’s with talkbacks from your favorite anime shows like Kill la Kill, Naruto, Power Rangers and more! You also can get $10 off for coming to our cosplay night in costume on 7/17!

Astro Boy and the God of Comics is “breathtakingly imaginative.”

June 18, 2015 in News

I’m really lucky to be a part of such a cool show. I’ve never done anything like the West Coast Premiere of Natsu Onoda Power’s “Astro Boy and the God of Comics” the story of famed Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka and Astro Boy, his most famous character. Featuring interactive video, live drawing, and stylized movement, this retro-sci-fi visual extravaganza examines post-WWII fascination with technology and destruction, and the relationship between creation and creator. Join us for the West Coast Premiere of the multimedia performance-art piece the Washington Post called “breathtakingly imaginative.”

Some of the cast went to LA Cosplay Con in costume to promote the event!

Some of the cast (including me as Dr. Boynton) went to LA Cosplay Con in costume to promote the show!

We’ve got not only an exciting show but a Cosplay night AND meet & greets with English voice actors from your favorite anime on Sunday’s!!! Lots of fun to be had – do NOT miss out!!! Get tickets here.

“Fighting monsters, my man! FIGHTING. MONSTERS.”

April 11, 2015 in News

I’ve been so buuuuuussssssyyyyy!! I’ve not only been packing stuff into storage to housesit for friends this summer and attending family reunions out of state BUT I opened an AMAZING show that I’m SO PROUD to be in (and to have costume designed) AND I just signed theatrically with Hollywood Original Talent and I’m so excited!!

“She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen is a comedic romp into the world of fantasy role-playing games. Average Agnes is finally leaving her childhood home following the death of her totally weird sister, Tilly. When she stumbles upon Tilly’s Dungeons & Dragons notebook, however, Agnes embarks on an action-packed adventure to discover more about her sister than she previously cared to know. A high-octane comedy fraught with hostile fairies, randy demons, and ‘90s pop culture, She Kills Monsters is a heart-pounding homage to the bad-ass and geek within us all.

I get to play Lilith, a battle axe wielding demon queen and it’s AWESOME. There’s a little something for everyone in this show and audiences are RAVING. I’m super proud and having a blast. I kinda never want it to end…

Tickets are available at or for any discount tickets available. Plays on Saturday nights at 8 and Sunday’s at 7 in downtown LA and there’s a barcade called 82 within walking distance from the theater that’s not too overcrowded on Sunday nights post show to finish your night off right!!! We close May 3rd so get in there and enjoy!

“Deceptively breezy and rather ingenious. The whole enterprise is kind of dopey and kind of invigorating and kind of remarkable. It will slash and shapeshift its way into your heart.” – The New York Times

“Packed with action, wit, and a sizable nerd-quotient, the production is a delight from start to finish” – Theatremania

“Positively slays the audience. Delightfully farcical.”- Stage & Cinema

“Nguyen is a refreshing, break-the-rules writer — he has a ready embrace of pop culture, high-school speak and ‘High Fidelity’ cool, and he also has a mission to redeem gaming geeks everywhere…She Kills Monsters, delivers exactly what it promises, is generally a blast” – Chicago Tribune

Clown Bar is COMING

January 2, 2015 in News

Clown Bar is an immersive play in a genre best described as “clown noir.” redwhite+bluezzArt Productions is presenting the West Coast premiere of this off-Broadway smash hit by Adam Szymkowicz.

Ken Jaworowsky of The New York Times calls Clown Bar’s noir-parody script “unabashedly silly but also shrewd.”

There are eight million stories under the big top, but this play is one-of-a-kind. Clown Bar puts audiences right inside an underground clown bar, complete with a sad sack lounge singer cabaret and a sexy stripper-clown burlesque, for a night of tongue-in-grease-painted-cheek comedy.

So put up your enormous feet, strap on your big red nose, and order up a gin-and-comic, Clown Royal, or Bloody Larry. The Clown Bar has clowns like you’ve never seen them before. Yet somehow, they’re even funnier this way.

Clown Bar plays every Thursday beginning January 8th Doors open at 7:30pm, cabaret pre-show and dinner at 8pm. No seating after 8:30pm.

Tickets available online here:

Tickets available by phone here:


$60 price includes prix fixe dinner.
A limited number of $30 tickets for the performance only are available nightly.


February 5, 2014 in News

I don’t usually promote other peoples projects on my page here, but this one has me so excited that I really want to get the word out! Sci Fi is something that I love and anyone who knows me knows my love for theatre so I was SUPER excited to see that someone is trying to do a festival of Sci Fi one acts with some great people like Dan Castellaneta and great pieces like one by Ray Bradbury attached! So please check out the Kickstarter and help out however you can.

Click here for the SciFest Kickstarter!

The Mother Ship and King Of Kong: The Musical

December 16, 2013 in News

I’ve just signed on to Assistant Direct the World Premiere of “The Mother Ship”, written and directed by Jonas Oppenheim, who brought the hit show, “Hamlet, Shut Up” to Sacred Fools and now brings to the stage a Sci Fi sex farce. We’ll open at the end of June.

But before that at Sacred Fools, I’m proud to be producing the late night “King of Kong: A Musical Parody” which goes up in the end of January and feature two brilliant female comediennes playing all the roles in the show that they wrote themselves based on the hit documentary about the true champion of Donkey Kong. You really don’t want to miss out on this!

More information on both shows can be found at

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

September 4, 2013 in News

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep promo video

I’m so excited to say that I’m working with Jaime Robledo again, this time playing Phillipa Ryan in the West Coast premiere of Edward Einhorn’s adaptation of the Phillip K Dick novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. Phillipa is a rival android bounty hunter to the lead character, Rick Deckard tasked with bringing him in on suspicion that he’s an android. The novel was what they based Blade Runner on, which is one of my favorite movies so this is truly a dream come true for me. For tickets and info check out the Sacred Fools Website


June 13, 2013 in News

“Watson and the Dark Art of Harry Houdini”, the sequel to last years mega, award winning hit “Watson: The Last Great Tale of the Legendary Sherlock Holmes” is playing from June 21-July 27! And I’m in it!! Tickets are on sale, do not wait! This show will be selling out quick! Check out the Sacred Fools website for tickets and info!

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